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Restaurants in Terrebonne

Restaurant Vieux-Terrebonne (crédit:Da Pietro)

Terrebonne and Mascouche are famous for their heritage, their landscapes and nature. However, lovers of fine cuisine know that the Les Moulins region is no shortage of good restaurants.

The Vieux-Terrebonne area is most known for its good restaurants. Of these, there are bistro menus, Italian, French and Moroccan, not to mention the best smoked meat in town! In summer, a European atmosphere is created because of the numerous terraces that line the streets.

After a day to stroll or to begin a well deserved evening, treat yourself to one of the delicious and renowned restaurants du Vieux-Terrebonne.

 Bon appetite!


Au Coq Terrebonne

Traditional BBQ restaurant in Terrebonne

2370, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 964-4419

Website: www.aucoq.net

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Aux Délices de La Plaine

This beautiful cake shop will charmed you at the first visit !

5940, boulevard Laurier
Terrebone (Quebec)

Phone: 450 477-3635

Website: www.auxdelices.ca

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Bières et Compagnie

In the pub a menu of sausage, mussels served with fries, game and meals cooked with beer wait for you.

2285, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-3339

Email: info@bieresetcompagnie.com
Website: www.bieresetcompagnie.ca

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Centre de Golf Le Versant

A unique golf complex in Canada!

2075, Côte Terrebonne (route 344)
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 964-2251

Email: info@golfleversant.com
Website: www.golfleversant.com

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Chez Napoli Pizzeria

Restaurant offering one of the best pizza in town!

794, boul. des Seigneurs
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 471-9211

Email: pizzanapoli@hotmail.com
Website: www.napolipizza.ca

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Club de golf Terrebonne

Golf club with a good reputation and situed in a enchanting place.

3555, lane Martin
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 477-1817

Website: www.golfterrebonne.ca

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Eclectik traiteur

3465 Boulvard de la Pinière, suite 101
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450-824-3554

Email: info@eclectik.ca
Website: www.eclectik.ca

Golf Le Boisé

Treat yourself to a golf round on one of Quebec’s most beautiful semi-private golf course, very close to Montreal.

689, chemin du Coteau
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-5239
Fax: 450 492-6600

Email: info@golfleboise.com
Website: www.golfleboise.com

Road map

Impéria Hôtel & Suites

2935, boul. de la Pinière
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-3336 / 1 888 472-3336

Website: www.imperiahotel.com

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La Cage aux Sports Terrebonne

The place per excellence to celebrate our favorite sport shows !

2247, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 961-2243

Email: lachenaie@lacage.ca
Website: www.cage.ca

Road map

Louis-Philippe Traiteur - Complexe Onze70

Louis-Philipe Traiteur will surprise you for your events !

1170, rue Lévis #2
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 471-7659 / 450 492-5665

Website: www.louisphilippetraiteur.com

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Madisons NY Grill and Bar

Our lavish lunch and dinner menus offer succulent dishes in an atmosphere reminiscent of New York’s best-loved steakhouses!

580 Montee Des Pionniers
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 841-2241

Website: www.madisonsnyc.com

Road map

Mia Pasta (Laplaine)

5581, Boulvard Laurier, local 101
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450-918-4438

Website: miapasta.com

Mia Pasta (Terrebonne)

2791 ave. Claude-Léveillé
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450-477-7642

Website: www.miapasta.com

Mio Vino

1092, boulevard moody
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450-471-5388

Website: miovino.ca

Puz Café

706 boulvard des seigneurs
Terrebonne (Quebec)
J6W 1T6

Phone: 450-824-7677

Email: puzcafe@hotmail.ca
Website: www.puzcafe.com

Restaurant Bâton Rouge

Come to try our specialities such ribs, beef, chicken and fish.

1400, rue Yves-Blais
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 581-1888

Email: restaurantbatonrouge@bellnet.ca
Website: www.batonrougerestaurants.com

Road map

Restaurant D’Artagnan crêpes et fondues

The D'Artagnan crêpes et fondues restaurant is specialised in fondues and crêpes with a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.

1421, chemin Gascon, suite 4
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 471-3334

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Restaurant Mangiamo!

Italian restaurant. Ideal to pass a evening with your friend or your family.

1460, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-5225

Website: www.restaurantmangiamo.com

Road map

Restaurant Tenuta

Modern Italienne Cuisine

310, montée des Pionniers
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 585-6606

Email: info@restauranttenuta.com
Website: www.restauranttenuta.com

Road map

Resto Le Zoom

Pasta & grill restaurant.

1425, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 471-6222

Website: www.restolezoom.com

Road map

Ristorante Portovino

One of the excellent restaurants to discover the tradional italian food.

1007, boul. des Seigneurs
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-8466

Website: www.portovino.ca

Road map

Rôtisserie St-Hubert Terrebonne

Restaurant and bar with 350 seats

1415, boulevard Moody
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 471-1161

Website: www.st-hubert.com

Road map

Salle La Québécoise

Reception room and catering.

929, montée Masson
Terrebonne (Quebec)

Phone: 450 492-0260

Website: www.restaurantaupouletnouveau.com

Road map

V Pizzeria et bar à vin

1171 montée des Pionniers
Terrebonne (Quebec)
J6V 0E1

Phone: 450-582-1222

Email: info@vpizzeria.ca
Website: www.vpizzeria.ca/
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